What Should I Wear in L.A. This Week?

I’m heading to L.A. for a work conference tomorrow. The dress code should be pretty low-key, so I’ll need to embrace my best casual Cali-chic style. Help me decide what to pack.

I like to pull outfit inspiration before I pack — here’s what I’m thinking. Thoughts?

277534395756937100_YcEqfHcJ_b 254734922645014949_Kne7NL6y_c 163888873910365556_r8PUDte2_c 51369251970501114_zw3IyBOF_c 235102043017697557_HoY3D5Vl_c 43276846390916958_iCaUJ6TQ_c 162200024050073402_gEM1aeYY_c 236650155389503480_nKk2j0x2_c 161637074096113545_CrgW1GBg_c 5559199511914893_IIKJ8fTM_c 43276846391225681_j95txzBN_c 285486063850867634_8lpgcyBS_c 116952921544338327_8TgPmTxW_c 163888873910768497_jXCXRy0W_c 211176669999085148_uozXlEK2_c 107242034848705655_K5eYLDMr_c lfw toni and guy arrivals 150911 Miranda Kerr Departing On A Flight At LAX lily aldridge 031212


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