Would You Wear a Bow in Your Hair Past the Age of 8?



Okay, so let me preface this by saying, I’m a huge Kerry Washington fan. Though I have yet to see Scandal (but only due to the fact we still don’t have our cable hooked up — I don’t know what’s worse, no TV or wasting a day waiting for Time Warner to come hook up the cable, but I digress….), if she’s as good in it as she is in Django Unchained — which by all accounts, she is — then I’d certainly be a fan. Point being: I like her as an actress.

But what really made me a Washington fan, is her polished but never boring style, which she always pairs with a flawless, natural face and a chic ‘do. And while she’s been on a stylish streak recently while promoting Django, her latest look at the film’s Berlin premiere left me thinking, what the wha?!?! (See above image of her look, or more specifically, her headpiece, and tell me you weren’t thinking the same.)

Washington looked like she was channeling Minnie Mouse with the oversized bow headband decorating her poufed-up half-up ‘do. Though I loved the rest of her outfit — a long-sleeve checkered midi dress and bright white pumps — it was nearly impossible to get past the grade school throwback sticking off of her head. It may have just been a hair accessory, but it was a big enough curve ball (and not in a good way) to overshadow her modern and elegant ensemble.

I’m not really sure what Washington going for with that bow, but my take on hair accessories is, handle with care — especially with headbands that can easily veer into dated preppy or overly-cutesy. And when it comes to bows, I’m of the school that they are absolutely not okay to wear in your hair past the age of five … er, make that three.

Granted, I’m allergic to all things girly and cutesy, but I’m also a proponent of dressing your age and hair bows have “little girl” written all over them. And really, when do you ever want to give that impression?

Bottom line: If you’re going to do the headband thing, you gotta make it look modern and sleek. See Exihibit A: Michelle Williams.

weinstein company globes party 160112

In any event, I don’t know what Washington was going for with that bow, but if it was cute and quirky, not even quirky queen Zoey Deschanel could pull that off. If it was ironic, the irony was lost on me. And if it was feminine, better to achieve that vibe with a floral print or with subtle accessories (like the ladylike bag she carried) than with a Minnie Mouse-inspired headband taken from an ’80s Laura Ashley ad.

Okay, that’s my rant.

What do you think? Am I letting my cutesy-girly allergy cause me to be overly harsh — or do you agree that bows are best left to the under-ten set?

What’s your take on bows and headbands?


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