I Want All 5 Of Her Outfits

I love Vogue.com’s feature, “Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl” that profiles what they wear at the peek of chic. I’m always inspired by what the editors of the legendary fashion rag are wearing, and their amazing accessories. The latest installment features Special Events Associate Phoebe de Croisset, whose mix of colors, patterns and textures is the perfect way to liven up your winter wardrobe.




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I Want Her Closet: Elin King

Sweedish style blogger Elin Kling (check out her hugely-popular blog Style By Kling if you haven’t already) has created a fashion empire out of her blog, which chronicles here passion for style and her amazing outfits.



She co-founded her own magazine — plus, a network of style blogs that was bought by Conde-Fairchild recently and she’s gotten to design her own lines with Guess and H&M and styled a recent Tibi campaign. (Can you tell I wish I was her?) She’s got amazing style and she’s gorgeous to boot. I’d hate her if I wasn’t so obsessed with her blog — and her style.




Hit up her blog to see what she’s wearing and for daily doses of the coolest style inspiration. But here’s a peek at more of her flawless fashion editor style.

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Love this profile of Elin from Who, What, Wear