Sweet Dreams: Inspiration for Our Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been in nesting mode lately (perhaps it’s the idea that we’re going to get to register now that we’re engaged), so I’ve been thinking of new ways to freshen up our space, starting with our bedroom.

I haven’t decided which direction I want to go in, but our current direction (bachelor pad bedroom furniture from Andy’s single days mixed with slight feminine touches from my single days), which is the opposite of chic.

Though the full-on redecoration will have to wait until funds are a bit bigger (and we utilize that registry!), but I’m already starting on the fun part — gathering inspiration.  (I know, I know — these bedrooms are all over the place. I haven’t even begun narrowing down my bedroom makeover to a single aesthetic.)

So without further adieu, here are some bedrooms I’ve been loving recently.


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Office Inspiration

To do my best work, I need a work space that’s inspiring as the eye candy I surround myself with all day. I’m slowly working on revamping the desk area in our apartment.

Here are some office spaces that are inspiring me.




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